About Us

Pudding Born Out of Love

Monkey Time Banana Pudding began as a dream. Sujey, the owner, pudding chef and super mom, made her 1st batch of sweetness for the family not long ago. She wanted to make a sweet treat different from the usual supermarket snack. It only took a single bite for her family to taste that it was made with tons of love. They were hooked. Sujey decided to share this love with the community, hoping they may enjoy it as much as the family.
The name ‘Monkey Time’ was inspired by a nursery rhyme adored by Sujey’s children. While making her banana pudding, the kids would often be found bouncing on the couches listening to their favorite song. When Sujey would ask them to ‘Stop Monkeying Around’, they would reply giggling, ‘It’s Monkey Time!’.
We make every batch fresh and with love. We hope you indulge in every spoonful!
- The Monkey Time Banana Pudding Family